screen printing

We've been screen printing t shirts and countless other garments every day at Bilko for over 25 years.

Screen printing gives high quality colour fast results with incredible accuracy and detail. Vibrant crisp line work through to complex multi-coloured designs. The process involves using a stencil to create a high tension fine mesh screen for each colour, mixing inks for precise Pantone matching then using a squeegee to force the ink through the screen onto the garment. Multiple coloured designs are built up using additional screens. The ink is then cured through a tunnel dryer for a permanent finish.

We use fully automated and manual carousels on site here at Bilko to guarantee the best possible quality control and the fastest turnarounds in the business.

To further enhance our quality control we produce all the film artwork and screens in our own studio and use Sericol inks - the Rolls Royce of the ink world!

Quality work. On time, everytime.