Result Core Hi-Vis Motorway Vest   

Product code: RS201M
Material: 100% polyester.

  • Conforms to EN ISO 20471: 2013 class 2.
  • GO/RT 3279 issue 8: 2013 class 2/RIS-3279-TOM (orange only).
  • 89/686/EEC directive.
  • Grey polyester bound edges.
  • Two reflective bands around the body and one over each shoulder.
  • Easy close tear release front fastening.
Chest (to fit)394653
Guide Prices£5.50£4.00£3.30£2.95£2.70

Branding Options – the guide prices shown above include a one colour print in one position.
Multi-coloured screen printing, full colour digital printing and embroidery are also available.
Please contact us for details and a quote.

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Fluorescent Orange

Fluorescent Yellow

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